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Vincent Tilanus, an Amsterdam-based writer and director, graduated from the Dutch Film Academy in 2018. His debut short film, Leaf Gold (2018), garnered international acclaim, including the Prix Amnesty International France at the Poitiers Film Festival. Marlon Brando (2020), his subsequent short, was selected for Cannes' Semaine de la Critique, Toronto International Film Festival, and represented the Dutch entry for the Oscars. It also earned a Dutch Golden Calf nomination for Best Short Film. In 2021, his mid-length film Heartbeats, a collaboration with VPRO, NTR, and BNN VARA, premiered and won a Golden Calf for Best Actress in a Short Film.

Emphasizing honesty and restraint, Vincent's films feature a subtle, emotionally charged approach. His attention to realism and storytelling through everyday moments infuses his work with momentum, humor, and emotional depth. Whether exploring the lives of young adults or teenagers in transition, Vincent captures authentic experiences with a keen eye for humor and sincerity amid adversity.

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